Laura Deberle


Laura Deberle was born the 14th of August in 1987 in Sinsheim, Germany and is a autodidactic artist with the focus on mixed media, photography, graphic design,  painting, illustration and artistic direction.


Passionated about drawing, painting and crafting since early childhood Deberle started to paint on canvas at the age of eleven and first showcased her artworks at the age of twelve at her former school's sunday matinee as her teacher and artist himself Bernhard Reißfelder had recognized her artistic talent during art class.


Deberle has been creating paintings based on acryl paint and canvas as well as manual collages that she had builds out of her own photographs and personal sketches & drawings since she was about fourteen. After starting digital photography at the age of sixteen, Deberle entered the world of digital manipulation about two years later. From sketches, digital and manual collages, illustrations, photography in portrait, landscape and  abstractionism to paintings on canvas and walls to experimental print works - Deberle's range of work naturally knows no limitations.


With several exhibitions and various publications Laura Deberle presents a striking and utterly original portfolio that captivates through her unique and intense use of color, light and shadow combined with organic structures, geometrical forms and psychedelic elements.  In contrast to other collage artists Deberle's works originate exclusively from own photographs, drawings and manual structures that she has created throughout the last 15 years.


Laura Deberle lives close to nature in a small village and works in her studio and atelier in Sinsheim, Germany.


Laura Deberle


 I just love to explore the subtle, the magic, the intangible ever since.


For example the astonishing feeling of being under water, of diving through blustering calmness in massive silence, dissolving the self in the endless blue - lost in time and space - weightlessly - This kind of experience of perception attracted my attention at a pretty young age and left me enchanted and enriched. Wondering what the term reality might be truthfully about I started to consciously search for the secrets and truths that can be found beyond and in between the surfaces.


To me it's all about finding the hidden realms behind the obscure glasses of restriction, both mentally and physically.

These unknown realms of my own  consciousness are the venue of mystery and enchantment, therefore endless inspiration.

I naturally just love to explore - in a sense of serious empathism and heavy visuality - my interior world as well as the world around me.


To me nature is authenticity and therefore authority - raw and real.  I always come back to mother nature as she's the ultimate teacher of mankind. Wrapping it all off to my raw existence, I find myself floating between realities.





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